video reinvented

The next revolution in iPhone videography is here! And, it's free!

  • Live Filters

    Preview your effects live while you shoot. There is no second guessing what your shot might look like after the fact. With ZDO, what you see is what you get!

  • Record/Pause/Resume

    Record and Pause as many times as you want in your video, and record to your heart's content for as long as you wish. And, mix and match effects between your cuts!

  • Paper Pack

    Unlock the Paper Pack to use the Manga, Sketch, and the ZDO-exclusive Comic Filter, the most comic-book like comic filter with colors that pop out!



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Terms of Service

By using ZDO, you agree to the following (written from your point of view, of course):

I agree that I won't sue Vijay Arunkumar for his awesome work on the ZDO app, and promise to use the app in a fair and proper manner. I also know what the terms "fair" and "proper" mean :) Oh, and I agree to abide by the terms of the standard iTunes App Store EULA that ZDO's usage falls under.


What's collected?

Anonymous app usage data is collected about:

  • Which filters get used
  • Filter processing time
  • Video length & # of shots
  • Time it takes to save videos.

  • Your videos themselves are not stored or used by ZDO in any way. This may change in the future, if ZDO provides a way to store and share videos online (Of course, with your consent). For now, rest assured that your content is private between you, and the NSA ;)

    However, when you share a video via Facebook, or Twitter, or Email, your video will be uploaded and shared to those services and your video's use is guided by those sites' respective privacy policies.

    How's the data used?

    The data collected is used primarily for deciding what features need to be enhanced, and how to provide a better user experience for ZDO users.

    The data is not, and will not be used for advertising purposes, and if it isn't obvious, the data collected is pretty much worthless for advertising :)

    Who's it shared with?

    Flurry is the tool used for collecting the anonymous usage statistics. The storage and sharing of the data is guided by their privacy policy.

    ZDO itself doesn't share any of this data with third-parties currently, and doesn't intend to do so in the future.

    Of course, when you share a video using Twitter, or Facebook, or Email, your data falls under the guidance of the privacy policies of those services.

    If I'm not the product, why is the app free?

    The app isn't entirely free. It does come with In-app purchases for premium filters. However, ZDO was a side-project to teach myself a little about GPU Image processing on iOS, and also to learn a bit about In-app purchases and about building great User Interfaces.

    It's a simple video editing app. It's not going to change the world. It's not a business idea, or a company that I'm trying to sell to Facebook or Twitter for a billion dollars. It's a learning tool for me, and I intend to treat it that way. Please forgive me when I introduce new features and filters as In-App purchases. I'm just trying to place some self-worth on my time and effort, but only if I feel like I really deserve it ;) I will be adding lot more free filters to the app in the future. Stuff the other app developers charge you $1.99 for.

    Vijay Arunkumar